Our Mission

Our Mission as a Church is to save souls, disciple believers, and train leaders.

Our Vision

We see a large, growing Church where people are; passionate about God, generous in love, willing to grow, committed to serve and outward in focus.

Passionate about God

Committed, worshipping, obedient followers of Christ.

Generous in Love

Loving towards all people and committed to building authentic relationships.

Willing to Grow

Teachable and endeavouring to become more like Christ.

Committed to Serve

Using our gifts and abilities to build God’s Kingdom by partnering in the work of the church’s mission and vision.

Outward in Focus

Others focused; impacting our community, our nation and the nations.

Our Values

  • Faith – Faith in God for now and the future
  • Family – Healthy families and a healthy church family
  • Positive – Believing the best, speaking the best
  • Excellence – Doing the best we can and doing better than we have done before
  • Loving – We love people
  • Real – Authentic and relevant
  • Team – Building together
  • Leadership – Value good leadership
  • Youthful – Value young people and a youthful spirit at all ages
  • Fun – Never a dull moment