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  • You are keen to receive academic recognition for your theology studies (Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology [10433NAT - Australia])
  • You want to intern in your church and want to receive accredited study whilst serving
  • Study up to 3 papers per term (one paper will be in a classroom environment)


  • 4 terms of 3 classes per term
  • Approximately 4 hours of study time required per subject, per week (so approx 12 hours per week for full time)
  • You're also required to serve a minimum of 6 hours of internship per week (in your own Church)


Term 1: Leadership 1 | Bible Interpretation | New Testament 1 - COMPLETED

Term 2: Identity in Christ | New Testament 2 | Leadership 2

Term 3: Old Testament 1 | Christian Doctrine 1 | Faith

Term 4: Christian Doctrine 2 | Old Testament 2 | Moving in the Spirit

C3 College subject descriptions



Use our online learning platform
C3 College uses its own online learning platform for you to download and view all your learning material. Our classes are all available to view in HD video. This online platform is also where you will be able to view and submit your assessments.

Study at your own pace
You’re in control of when you work. This enables you to fit your study around your busy or rigid schedule. Some people choose to study one subject per term, others can handle three! You'll love the freedom and flexibility you have studying theology online with C3 College.

Talk with your online tutor
Sometimes you won’t know the answer or will want more clarity on what’s being taught. That’s OK. We have an online tutor to help talk you through assignments and course content so that your understanding of theology and ministry will be comprehensive. Your tutor will be contactable over email and will respond within 24 hours to help enhance your online theology study experience.

Watch studio-produced video content
Our high-quality studio-produced video content is unmatched for online courses in adult education. This provides students with the opportunity to be visually engaged in their studies.

Experience official and accredited training
The course is an Australian government-accredited and approved course; therefore you can be confident that your education with C3 College Online will be legitimate and excellent. You will also be provided with comprehensive and excellent course training material.



If you are studying part or full time accredited study you will volunteer a minimum of 6 hours per week (includes Sundays).  You will be assigned to a supervisor who will oversee your weekly tasks as per the area you choose.

  • Creative / IT
  • Pastoral Care / Connect Groups
  • Youth / Young Adults
  • Kids
  • Events / Administration
  • Outward in Focus
  • Worship / Production / Sunday Services

Accredited students are also invited to attend the City Church staff retreat



Application Fee: $155 (Payable with application)

Annual: $2662
(5% discount if you pay your entire year's tuition up front i.e. $2529)

Term by term: $665 (Part-time students)

Per Subject Per Term: $220
(i.e. If you studied 4 subjects per year, you would pay $880)


  • All costs are quoted in AUD
  • As your internship is an accredited module, you will be charged as if it is a subject ($220). You will only need to pay this once in your entire course.



City Church reserve the right to change the course structure at any time during the year at their discretion.

Completion of this course does not guarantee employment at City Church.

For further information: Phone – 07 576 5387 or Email – [email protected]

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