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  • Accreditation is not a high priority
  • Cost effective training
  • You want to study in a classroom environment during the evening (7 – 9pm)


  • New subjects are studied each term
  • 1 class per term
  • Approximately half hour of ‘required reading’ per week
  • You can choose the number of hours you wish to volunteer

Term 1: Leadership 1 (Completed)

This module is designed to teach the fundamentals of leadership in a Christian church setting. Based on Ps Phil’s book ‘You the Leader’. Students will have the opportunity to hear from Ps Phil Pringle on key leadership topics such as vision, prayer, attitude and communication.

It will do this by first clarifying the need for, and influence of leaders, in our world. Leadership 1 will look into both the Spiritual aspects of Christian leadership, such as a leader’s relationship with God, as well as practical aspects including vision, problem-solving, attitude and love for people

Required Reading: “You the Leader” – Phil Pringle
Course Length: 8 weeks
Term One: 12 February – 2 April

Term 2: Identity in Christ (Completed)

C3 College Online is delighted to offer our module, Identity in Christ. In this module, students will have the opportunity to hear from Ps Phil Pringle on key topics such as who they are and what they have. Students will also cover knowing and remembering their identity in Christ as well as learning the role of the Holy Spirit to impart revelation into their lives.

Required Reading: “Born Identity” – Phil Pringle
Course Length: 8 weeks
Term Two: 7 May – 25 June

Term 3: Faith (30 July – 10 September)

This module provides a study of the Christian teaching of faith as outlined in the Scriptures. It will address issues including the dynamics of faith; the development and growth of faith within an individual; and the interaction of faith and Christian ministry. It will also address the practical dynamics of expressing, experiencing and developing faith.

A key purpose of this module is to provide the trainee with a working, practical knowledge and experience of the Christian principles of faith. This module is designed to explain the Christian teaching of faith so that the trainee is able to apply it to their personal world, ministry in the church and to the overall community.

Required Reading: “Faith” – Phil Pringle
Course Length: 7 weeks
Term Three: 30 July – 10 September

Term 4: Moving in the Spirit (15 October – 26 November)

In this module, you will have the opportunity to hear from Ps Phil Pringle on key topics such as preparing the atmosphere for the Holy Spirit, having personal encounters with the Holy Spirit, the role and gifts of the Spirit, being anointed in the Spirit and much more. The aim of this module is to train students to be effective in moving and ministering in the Holy Spirit.

Required Reading: “Moving in the Spirit” – Phil Pringle
Course Length: 7 weeks
Term Four: 15 October – 26 November



  1. The study in a classroom environment
    C3 College uses its own online learning platform where we will download and watch our classes in HD video. The high-quality studio-produced video content is unmatched for online courses in adult education.
  2. Classroom discussions
    Sometimes you won’t know the answer or will want more clarity on what’s being taught. The discussion time will be a great time to share your thoughts and talk through what you have learnt in your reading and video.



One of our values at City Church is serving.  Jesus told his disciples that he didn’t come to be served, but to serve.  Serving is part of our lifestyle of worshipping Jesus. It also happens to be a great way to meet people and be connected to the community in a meaningful way.  We ask that you serve fortnightly in your chosen area(s).

  • Café Team
  • Hosting Team
  • Information Team
  • Outdoor Hosts
  • Kids Team
  • Worship Team
  • Production Team
  • Seating Communities
  • Baptism / Communion / Growth Track Team



Per Subject (Per Term): $80

Per Year (4 Subjects, 4 Terms): $300

Fees are paid in advance and are not refundable.



City Church reserve the right to change the course structure at any time during the year at their discretion.

Completion of this course does not guarantee employment at City Church.

For further information: Phone – 07 576 5387 or Email – rachel@citychurch.nz

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