Cleansing Stream

Venue: C3 City Church, Tauranga

Leader: Bruce & Karen Glover

Fees: $110pp

The Cleansing Stream course helps you make the most of what God has for you by guiding you to find “freedom for your journey”.

The Cleansing Stream Seminar is a 7-week series of classes which prepare and disciple participants to receive healing and deliverance.

The classes culminate in a one-day Freedom Day planned for Saturday 17 June in Tauranga.

The Seminar combines the practical application of Biblical truths and disciplines with supportive relationships.

  • The course starts Wednesday 3 May at C3 City Church Tauranga
  • 6 Wednesday night sessions (7pm – 9pm)
  • Includes the Freedom Day on 17 June

Registrations are now closed.

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