Growth Track

The City Church GrowthTrack is about moving forward. It is designed to help you engage with God, play a part in His Church and connect with others; equipping you to lead a purpose-filled life.

GrowthTrack is a two-session course running every term at our Tauranga and Coast locations.

Step 1 - Orientation

Step 1 reviews some key biblical foundations and we learn some tips for strengthening our relationship with God.

We also gain an understanding of the City Church mission, vision and values. We are given great tools for sharing our faith and introduced to an amazing group of people who meet together regularly.

Step 2 - Connection

During step 2 we find out about our spiritual gifts and personality. This shows us just how uniquely God has made us and challenges us to think about His purpose.

We are also given an opportunity to engage our unique God-design in one of the areas at City Church and beyond.

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