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Leader: Brigitte Redman

Location: Tauranga

FLIGHT (Fun, Loving, Independent Girls Hanging out Together.

We are a group of single girls with or without children. We have a
Facebook page where I or any of the girls can post events coming up that
we would like to go to then anyone else who would like to go can reply
so you don’t have to go on your own. There are events that include kids
and some for just us girls.

We are available for each other when needed just to talk or have coffee
with, friends doing life together. For those with children, it’s a
village raising a child you don’t need to do it alone. (I have raised my
children on my own and know how lonely it is and how much help you need
but are afraid to ask in case people think you’re not doing a good job.

Once a month we have a prayer group where we can pray for each other,
family and friends who are needing prayer.

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