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Leader: Robyn Hamilton

Location: C3 City Church Tauranga

The KAIROS Course is a nine-session, interactive course on the world Christian movement, designed to educate, inspire and challenge believers to active and meaningful participation.

We run 2 courses per year (one in the mornings and the other in the evenings).

Term 1 – 29 April – 24 June | 7pm-9.15pm
Term 3  – 21 July – 15 Sept | 9am-11.15am

KAIROS covers four major areas:

  • Biblical – We discover that mission lies at the center of God’s concern and that an overriding theme throughout the whole Bible is God blessing His people to be a blessing to all people groups.
  • Historical – God’s mission purpose can be seen throughout history. We gain much from studying the past successes and failures of the church in the area of mission expansion.
  • Strategic – We learn about strategy and key mission strategies that bear fruit in reaching unreached people groups in today’s world. Every believer and church has a significant role to play.
  • Cultural – Mission involves crossing cultures. We learn what culture is and see what it takes to communicate and make disciples in a culture different from our own.

KAIROS uses a variety of learning methods and activities such as:

  • Devotional Teaching
  • Prayer for Least-Reached Peoples
  • Video Teachings / Readings / Worksheets
  • Small Group Interaction
  • Special Cultural Activities


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