What is a Christian?

A Christian is someone who has responded to God’s generous gift of grace and
forgiveness in Jesus Christ, through faith and repentance.

A Christian recognises that God’s big story found in the Bible (Genesis – Revelation) is the only true story out of which to make sense of the world. God created the world and it was good and pleasing. Humankind missed the mark though, sinning and falling short of all God intended them to be. Ever since sin has been infecting humanity and infecting the world damaging us and the world and separating us from God.

God made a way for humanity to be restored to right relationship with Him however. Jesus Christ, the sinless Son of God came and gave his life on the cross, undeservedly taking death upon his shoulders on behalf of humankind. In Jesus we can find forgiveness of our sins and hope for now and the future. We can be restored to right relationship with God.

God lovingly offers to forgive and restore any that would put their faith and trust in Jesus and repent of their sins, turning to live life according to God’s word. God is faithful and just, more than willing to forgive any that would call on His name.

It’s a generous offer of reconciliation and new life and it can be yours today.

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Next Steps

Here are a few things we recommend you should do to get started on the right path:

Attend Church Regularly
Church is vital to your growth as a Christian. You receive teaching and support as we worship together.
Find Christian Friends
A connect group is a great way to surround yourself with Christians, learning about God and doing life together.
Get Baptised
Once you believe, the next step is to be baptised, which is a public commitment of your faith.
Read the Bible Regularly
To grow as a Christian, you need to be reading the Bible. Click here for a great reading plan to get you started.