Kingdom Online Giving

As we partner together in Kingdom Giving, we can fulfil our God-given mission for C3 City Church which is to save souls, disciple believers and train leaders – in our community, New Zealand, and to the ends on the earth.

  • Which area(s) would you like to sow into?

  • Sowing into church Life helps purchase practical equipment to enhance the effectiveness of our locations.
  • Sowing into Development allows us to invest in property for all our locations to the benefit of generations to come.
  • Sowing into church business is like planting a fruit tree that once established will continue to bear fruit every year.
  • Sowing into OIF is meeting needs in our local communities and supporting missionaries and initiatives abroad.
  • Enter your amount here and we will assign your gift to where it's needed most.
  • The total amount of your giving from all the above areas in New Zealand dollars.
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