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As we partner together in Kingdom Giving, we can fulfil our God-given mission for C3 City Church which is to save souls, disciple believers and train leaders – in our community, New Zealand, and to the ends on the earth.

  • Which area(s) would you like to sow into?

  • As you may know, a few weeks ago the sound system broke and since then we have patched them up to last a few more weeks, but it is time to get a new one. When we say 'sound system' we mean the speakers. We already have a fantastic new sound desk purchased in 2021, but now we need to complete the job.
  • We're keen to get new chairs that are light and easy to move around for the many events we host at our Tauranga location. We also want to be able to stack them higher so they take up less room. We also want to be able to stack them higher so they take up less room.
  • This project supports a rural community in Nepal by providing seed, gardening tools, fertiliser and poly-tunnels for the extension of the growing season and protection of crops.
  • In the event of a medical emergency or when air transport is the only viable option for a patient, Mission Aviation Fellowship can help.
  • Providing 50-70 families in Uganda with skills training, education and a pathway into small business development.
  • Locally we are developing a C3 Cares Team so that we can help our community as needs arise. Funding goes towards equipment and materials.
  • Enter your amount here and we will assign your gift to where it's needed most.
  • The total amount of your giving from all the above areas in New Zealand dollars.
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