Youth & Young Adults


Intermediate Youth

If you’re in year 7 or 8 come along to Empower! We meet every Friday from 5:15pm to 6.30pm at C3 City Church Tauranga.  On Friday nights we hang out, play games, eat food, compete in tribal wars, build friendships and learn about God. Along with this, we meet every Sunday morning after the Friendship break in the church service.  On Sundays, we learn more about the bible, have discussions – and play a few games as well.

Empower has a goal of making everyone feel welcome and included, while also helping each young person who comes along grow in their relationship with God.

Contact: Emma Wallis

City Youth

High School Youth

City Youth is a ministry for high schoolers from years 9 - 13. We meet at C3 City Church, Tauranga every Friday at 7 pm for youth services and hangouts with a focus on building community and connecting with God. City Youth believes that young people can make a difference and we would love to help you on your journey with God.


City Young Adults

Young Adults (18-25)

If you are aged 18-25 years old, come along to our fantastic Young Adults group!  We meet every week on a Wednesday to eat good food, grow in our faith and knowledge, and have some good banter and yarns with each other. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to find locations and info for each night.
We really value the community at Young Adults and are passionate about seeing people thrive in their relationships with each other and with God.  
Come along - we'd love to have you there! 

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