What's Coming Up?

Don McDonell

Date: 14 July 2024

Venue: C3 City Church, Tauranga

Times: 9.30am & 6pm

We always love it when Ps Don comes to visit us.  With his sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, he inspires our faith like no other.  With tales of amazing encounters and conversations with people who don't know God, we are encouraged to reach out to those around us.

Senior Pastors Don and Julia McDonell are an inspiring couple who love people and live life to the full. They are totally dedicated to seeing our generations live great lives through faith in Jesus Christ. "A spirit of faith" aptly describes this couple and Inspire Church is an extension of their passion and their devotion. Don and Julia live to Inspire all generations to live with eternal purpose. As Don puts it, "It is about a relationship with God, you can have all the right ingredients for life but only the power of Jesus Christ can transform your life and shape your destiny"

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