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Dr Ahmed Joktan

Date: 10 March 2024

Venue: C3 City Church Tauranga

Time: 6pm

Dr Ahmed Joktan, a Saudi doctor in the book ‘A Night of Power’, met Jesus Christ in a hotel room in August 2010. His life story from that time is remarkable.

Six years after his last visit to New Zealand Dr Ahmed Joktan is now the leader of an underground movement in the Middle East that is transforming the Islamic world. His testimony demonstrates incredible obedience to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

According to Wikipedia in 2015 8.4million Muslims converted to Christ. In 2016 10.2million, and in 2018 18 million Muslims left Islam for Christ. 10 million of these converts were in Indonesia, our near neighbour. Dr Joktan will explain why this incredible harvest is occurring now.

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