Caleb & Noemi Marques

Caleb and Noemi Marques began their missional work in their homeland of Brazil where they participated in the Kairos Course. Since then they have been involved in course development and translation, training and mentoring and organising courses to support local churches.

In 2021, they accepted a position at the International headquarters of Simply Mobilizing in the Philippines, where they are co-ordinators for Youth Mobilization. Their role includes the development of new courses, tools and materials, social media communication and continued support for the Brazilian SM team.

Simply Mobilizing International was founded by Max Chismon, aiming to mobilize the local church to live a life on mission with God.

How We Help

  • Monthly personal support for Caleb and Noemi
  • Prayer coverage
  • Promotion of Involvement in SM Ministry

You can make a donation to City Church to help support this ministry. 

Ongoing Prayer Needs

  • God-led inspiration and wisdom
  • Provision and Protection
  • Health
  • Opportunities and great connections for the SM movement

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