Chab Dai Coalition

C3 City Church is excited to share a new Outward In Focus project we are supporting through the work of International Needs.

Human Trafficking is the 2nd largest illegal trade in the world after drugs, valued at US$33 billion a year.

  • 40 million men, women and children are impacted by it globally.
  • Women bear the brunt, accounting for 71% of victims.
  • 15 million are in forced marriages, and 24 million are in forced labour.
  • 30% are children.

In 2017 International Needs united with Chab Dai Coalition in Cambodia, working to turn the tide against human slavery.

The project aims to ensure that victims of sex trafficking will receive the justice they deserve and that cases will result in convictions and compensation for victims.

We aim to donate NZD 15,000 per year towards the operating costs of the Chab Dai Project.

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