Vijaya Chowdhuri

Vijaya Chowdhuri oversees the Christian Discipleship Centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The centre is a resource development ministry for human, theological, technical and material resources needed specifically in the grass root rural churches and communities to improve their spiritual and socio-economic status. The Christian Discipleship Centre also run several schools as well as adult literacy and “learning circle” classes in the local slum villages.

How we help

  • Personal support for Vijaya Chowdhuri for her needs and the ongoing work of Christian Discipleship Centre

You can make a donation to City Church Tauranga to help support Vijaya and the great work she is involved in. Just write OIF as a reference and it will go directly to our Outward In Focus fund.

Ongoing Prayer Needs

  • Strength and Wisdom
  • Provision and Protection
  • Salvation and restoration with God of those they serve, that they would know and experience God’s love and support
  • Health

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