Vijaya Chowdhuri

Vijaya Chowdhuri oversees the Christian Discipleship Centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The centre is a resource development ministry for human, theological, technical and material resources needed specifically in the grass root rural churches and communities to improve their spiritual and socio-economic status. The Christian Discipleship Centre also run several schools as well as adult literacy and “learning circle” classes in the local slum villages.

How we help

  • Personal support for Vijaya Chowdhuri for her needs and the ongoing work of Christian Discipleship Centre

You can make a donation to City Church Tauranga to help support Vijaya and the great work she is involved in. Just write OIF as a reference and it will go directly to our Outward In Focus fund.

Ongoing Prayer Needs

  • Strength and Wisdom
  • Provision and Protection
  • Health
  • Salvation and restoration with God of those they serve, that they would know and experience God’s love and support

Sanjit and Puja Nath are on staff at CDC. Sanjit is looking after the CDC property whilst we have a year of shut down due to COVID-19.

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