International Needs

International Needs New Zealand partners with local leaders in over 21 countries around the world. Each of these partners works in difficult areas and are key instruments for making long-lasting sustainable change.

In 1952, there were no known evangelical Christians in Nepal. Today it is estimated that there could be over 1 million people who follow Jesus. Nepali people are so responsive to the gospel that we now see the number of Nepali Christians both in and outside of Nepal growing exponentially. The church among the Nepali people all over the world is seeing massive growth.

Nepal is a country with a majority Hindu population, with a Christian population of less than 1.4%. International Needs Nepal ministry staff work to reach people with a message of hope, assessing needs, making connections for needed resources, having important conversations, and praying with hurting people.

Through the work of International Needs Humanitarian Aid Trust, you are able to sponsor a child in Nepal, you help provide a path out of poverty, by covering school tuition so a child can attend school near his/her home. Support also helps with other school needs like uniforms and supplies that are beyond what a child’s family can afford.

Other than child support, the Jewel of International Needs Vocational training that aims to empower women, is the Lydia Vocational Training Centre, based in Kathmandu Nepal. Young women are trained and equipped in a number of ways which is showing success in being transformed and empowered to return to their homes and villages with new skills to establish their own business, to read and write and most importantly to support themselves and others by sharing the skills and knowledge that they have learned with their community.

Visit the International Needs NZ website for more information.

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