Sam & Carol Soukotta

Sam and Carol Soukotta are the directors of the Tawangmangu Bible School in Central Java.

The Bible College offers 2-4 year courses, with the vision to train and empower local people to reach their nation, and to send out pioneers to plant churches in the unevangelised areas of Indonesia. 70-80% of their graduates are in full-time ministry.

Sam and Carol also pioneered Mt Hope Training Centre, in the jungle area of West Kalimantan, Borneo, after seeing the need amongst the Dayak people for access to education and hope for a better future.

Mt Hope comprises of a kindergarten, primary school, Junior High, hostels housing 190 children and various micro-businesses for the campus to become as self-sufficient as possible.

Find out more about the work of Sam and Carol on the Mount Hope website or check out their latest newsletter here.

How we help

  • Personal support for Sam and Carol Soukotta
  • Regular missions trips to Mount Hope
  • Funding for ongoing development work at Mount Hope

You can make a donation to City Church to help support the Soukotta’s and the great work they are doing. Just write OIF as the reference, and it will go directly to our Outward In Focus fund.

New Workshop At Mount Hope

Mount Hope currently has no workshops. Over the past few years, some of the workshops that were still salvageable have been converted into staff quarters. The rest are in such disrepair they are not usable for anything and are a hazard. The old workshops were built in different areas around Mount Hope and we have found that as Mount Hope has grown these workshops did not provide the storage and workable area that is now needed. 

It would be of great benefit to build a purpose-built workshop area that combines the various trade’s needs as one large trade’s workshop area. The construction would need to be from quality materials that will withstand the harsh humid environment along with servicing the ongoing construction needs at Mount Hope.

The Trades buildings will consist of a wood workshop, metal workshop, plumbing area, electrical workshop and an area where our vegetable garden workers can sort out their crops and store the machinery.

Ongoing Prayer Needs

  • Continued Provision and Protection
  • Health
  • Funding and support for the ongoing development of the Mt Hope campus
  • Continued funding for the building of Tawangmangu university
  • Protection for graduates out in the field in hostile places
  • Salvation for those they serve, that they would know and experience God’s love

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