A few months ago, we took up a special offering to support our ministry friends and partners overseas who are struggling with the effects of the COVID19 pandemic. That offering was much appreciated and provided welcome but temporary relief. So, we are taking it one step further…

We are putting our Love into Action by starting a sponsorship program for 29 families in overseas ministry for a 12-month period. This will enable them to not only feed their families but also continue to minister to their local communities.

Each family will receive NZ$200 per month for 12 months and this is divided into NZ$40 sponsorship units.

“Let us not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions. “ - 1 John 3:18


Let us know in the form below if you would like to sponsor one or more NZ$40 units. We will contact you finalise your sponsorship details. You will receive more details on the family you will be sponsoring.

  • Price: $ 40.00
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