Simply put, Connect Groups are smaller groups of people that get together to share life, the highs and the lows, grow, laugh and serve together.

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What are Connect Groups
City Church Connect Groups are for people of all ages and stages and are designed to be a place where truth meets life, friendships are built and you can grow to be all God has called you to be.

If you are currently not in a group, you need to be! We have Connect Groups for men, women, couples, singles, young adults, new believers and more!


What happens in a Connect Group
At a Connect Group you talk (and get interrupted) about all sorts of things to do with kingdom living and what we’ve been talking about on Sundays, eat (great suppers) and pray together.

Led by a couple of our awesome Connect Group leaders you’ll get a chance to talk together about God, have a few laughs and share what’s going on in your lives together.


How do I connect with a Connect Group
We offer a variety of groups to cater for all ages and stages represented at City Church.

Talk to a friendly host at the information desk on Sundays, contact us, or have a look at the Connect Groups board to see what Connect Groups are available in your area.


Check out the latest Connect Groups List