Support Services

Support Services

The Support Services team is a big team of people with varying skill sets and abilities that are all valuable to help City Church run smoothly. Our vision is to provide support services in a cheerful manner, building teams that not only work together but have fun! The services are many and the opportunities are wide. We have regular administration roles in the office like reception and data entry roles, or occasional requests to come in and collate booklets, photocopying, tidy out cupboards, cater meetings, clean, or help with events!

Our goal is to build a comprehensive database of support service people who are available for specific tasks that fit their God-given personality and skills and will enjoy serving in these areas.

We will have some who are regular, and others who can come in intermittently as required and if it suits their availability. We also need volunteer leaders to help rally and manage the troops, feedback on how things are going, build processes and systems, and train leaders.

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